Signs and promotional panels

We are specialized in making very luxurious glass and LED presentations and decorations of all sizes, and our halftone engraving method allows us to reproduce photos with an unparalleled resolution compared to all similar techniques.

In addition, compared to competitors using the same system, we have the advantage of not being limited to small sizes. As the engraving is done under the glass surface it is protected from all environmental aggressions such as mould or dust which makes it ideal for outdoor displays such as house numbers or company signs.

Compared to acrylics, glass has a higher brilliance and diffuses light in a much clearer and transparent way. Combined with our engravings, the effect is very prestigious and fits beautifully into coffee shops and restaurants, trade fair stands, offices but also as decoration in private homes.

Ideal for displaying the name and logo of your establishment, advertising displays, dividers in offices or stands, doors or simply for photos of your loved ones.

And contrary to common belief, it’s no more expensive than acrylic, so if you want something different, you’re in the right place.

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Ideal for :

– Bars
– Cafés
– Restaurants
– Stands
– Offices
– Shops
– Showrooms
– Outdoor and indoor signs
– House numbers
– Interior decoration